Humor – January 24

We were camping with our granddaughters 5- and 3-years-old at a state park and hiking on one of the trails.

The 5-year-old asked for a walking stick, so I found a limb on the ground and trimmed off the little stems and such. Hiking a little further and thinking the 3-year-old would want one also, I found another limb on the ground that fit her size and trimmed it down and gave it to her.

After about ten steps or so, she slings the stick out into the woods and states, “I don’t need this, I’m not Moses.”

One Liner
Failure is not an option! It comes bundled with the software.

Thought for the day
“I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry” Psalm 40:1 NIV

One of the most obvious evidences of faith is how you respond to the waiting rooms of life.

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