Monthly Archives: October 2021

Humor – October 29

My mother is a cleaning fanatic.

One Saturday she told me and my brother to get down to the playroom and straighten it up.  We had a party there the previous evening, and she was none too happy about the mess.

As she watched us work, it was clear that Mom was completely dissatisfied with our cleaning efforts and let us know it.

Finally my brother, exasperated with having to do it all over, reached for a broom and asked Mom, “Can I use this, or were you planning to go somewhere?”

One Liner

Do you ever get up in the morning, look in the mirror and think, “That can’t be accurate.”

Humor – October 28

Useful words that ought to exist:

1) Begathon – Fundraising drive on public television or radio.
2) Cheedle – Residue on your fingers after eating CheetosŪ.
3) Crummox – Cereal bits in the bottom of the bag.
4) Fenderberg – Deposits of snow and ice that accumulate around your tires under the fender.
5) Flopcorn – Unpopped kernels at the bottom of the microwave bag.

One Liner

Luge is the only sport where you can die during the event and still win. 

Humor – October 27

The owner of a company tells his employees, “You worked very hard this year, therefore the company’s profits increased dramatically. As a reward, I’m giving everyone a check for $5,000!”

Thrilled, the employees gather round and high five one another.

“And if you work with the same zeal next year, I’ll sign those checks!”

One Liner

Life, unlike Algebra, does not have the answers to the odd problems in the back of the book.

Humor – October 26

A man went to his doctor and said, “Help me, doctor. I think my eyesight is getting worse.”

The doctor asked the man to look out the window. “Tell me what you see,” he said, pointing.

“I see the sun,” the man replied.

The doctor turned to him and asked, “Just how much farther do you want to see?”

One Liner

I thought getting old would take longer.

Humor – October 25

A group of Americans were touring Holland by bus.  They stopped at a cheese farm where a young guide led them through the process of making cheese from goat’s milk.  She showed the group a lovely hillside where many goats were grazing.

“These,” she explained, “are the older goats put out to pasture when they no longer produce.”  She then asked, “What do you do in America with your old goats?” 

A spry old gentleman answered: “They send us on bus tours!”

One Liner

I want to be 14 again and ruin my life differently. I have new ideas.

Humor – October 22

The pastor stood up one Sunday and announced to his congregation:

“I have good news and bad news. The good news is that we have enough money to pay for our new building program! The bad news is that it’s still out there in your pockets.”

One Liner

I hate it when I think I’m buying ORGANIC vegetables, but when I get home they’re REGULAR donuts.