Humor – November 4

Years ago, when those digital signature/PIN pad gizmos were relatively new, I was in a checkout line at Walmart in Decatur, Texas. There was a sweet old lady in front of me, following the instructions the cashier patiently gave. With a bit of assistance, she’d managed to swipe her card and scrawl a signature with that awkward plastic pen.

Now the machine awaited confirmation, the typical “OK” and “Cancel” buttons displaying on its monochrome screen. “You have to tell it ‘OK’,” the cashier said.

The lady looked dubiously at the cashier, then at the newfangled gizmo. She gently cupped it with her hands, leaned forward, and said, “Ohhhh kaaayyyyy.”

Incredibly, the cashier kept a straight face as she tapped the ‘OK’ button for her client and wished her a great day. The cashier and I didn’t laugh until we had watched her shuffle away and I said, “I think that just changed my life.”

One Liner

Overall, chickens have probably flown further as an airline meal than they have as a species.


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