Humor – January 25

After the visiting preacher finished, a woman came up and said, “You were much better than the preacher we had last Sunday. He spoke for an hour and said nothing.”
“Thank you,” the visiting preacher replied.
“Yes,” she continued. “You did it in fifteen minutes.”

My doctor is an eye, ear, nose, throat and wallet specialist.

Thought for the day
Amos 5:14-15

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is. Hate evil, love good; maintain justice in the courts.

Are you on God’s side? That’s determined more by what we seek and do rather than what we say and believe. God longs to be with us, but he will not sacrifice his character!! He’s looking for believers who put their character where their mouth is!!

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