Humor – November 3


1.  No flight ever leaves on time unless you are running late and need the delay to make the flight.

2.  If you are running late for a flight, it will depart from the farthest gate within the terminal.

3.  If you arrive very early for a flight, it inevitably will be delayed.

4.  Flights never leave from Gate #1 at any terminal in the world.

5.  If you must work on your flight, you will experience turbulence as soon as you touch pen to paper. Or start to drink your coffee. Or try to type on your laptop.

6.  If you are assigned a middle seat, you can determine who has the seats on the aisle and the window while you are still in the boarding area. Just find the two largest passengers.

7.  Only passengers seated in window seats ever have to get up to go to the bathroom.

8.  The crying baby on board your flight is always seated next to you.

9.  The less carry-on luggage space available on an aircraft, the more carry-on luggage passengers will bring aboard.

One Liner  
Save the earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate.

Thought for the day
Matthew 19:14
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

Jesus’ love for children in an age when they weren’t those whom highly regarded is a powerful reminder of God’s love for the world often abuses or abandons. We are called to love the unloved, the forgotten, the abused and neglected.


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