Humor – November 16

Why It’s Great to be a Dog

1) No one expects you to take a bath every day.
2) If it itches, you can scratch it.
3) There’s no such thing as bad food.
4) A rawhide bone can entertain you for hours.
5) If you grow hair in weird places, no one notices.
6) You can lie around all day without worrying about being fired.
7) You don’t get in trouble for putting your head in a stranger’s lap.
8) You’re always excited to see the same people.
9) Having big feet is considered an asset.
10) Puppy love can last.

One Liner
“The Golfer’s Diet: Live on greens as much as possible.”

Thought for the day
The Bible says, “Some of these people have missed the most important thing in life — they don’t know God” (1 Timothy 6:21a TLB).

You might know string theory. You might know chaos theory. You might know quantum physics. But if you don’t know God, you’ve missed the purpose of your life.



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