Humor – February 9

MEANDERTHALS /me-AN-dur-thols/ noun: aimless, slow-walking pedestrians who mindlessly get in everyone else’s way on sidewalks, stores, in malls, and crosswalks, often while preoccupied with a cell phone.

One Liner
I used to think middle age had to do with age, now I’m finding out it has to do with my middle.

Thought for the day
“Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”  1 Peter 5:7

Does God care about your house payment, your health, whether you are a success or failure in life, your children and the education they get, whether you ever get married or not, about the argument you had with your boyfriend, or about how you feel this morning?  God says, “You bet I care! I am a caring Father.”

Scripture says that God is interested in every little detail of your life.  That’s so incredible I don’t think it even sinks in. God is a caring God.  He is concerned about every little detail in your life.


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