Humor – October 30

A husband has to go away on a business trip. Really bad timing – his wife is about to deliver a set of twins (boy & girl).

Sure enough, she goes into labor the minute his plane takes off. So his brother takes her to the hospital. She has a rough labor and it takes a long time to recover her communication skills.

But the hospital needs names for the babies before they can release them from the hospital. So it’s up to the new uncle (who is known to be quite a prankster) to name them.

When the husband finally comes home, he is a bit worried about what his brother named his children. So he carefully asks his wife what are their names.

She replied, “Well, he named our daughter Denise.”

“Hey, that’s not so bad” he says and smiles.

“I know, but he named your son Denephew!”

One Liner
A friend of mine asked me to go to the front of his car to see if his turn signal was working.  I did and yelled out, “Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No, Yes, No…”

Thought for the day
“Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge” Psalm 62:8b

The Bible says when you go through a season of loss, the first thing you need to do is release your grief.


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