Humor – November 1


Today we’ll let a member of the class lead the discussion. It will be a good educational experience.
(I stayed out too late last night and didn’t have time to prepare a lecture.)

The gist of what the author is saying is what’s most important.
(I don’t understand the details either.)

The test scores were generally good.
(Some of you managed a C)

Some of you could have done better.
(Everyone failed.)

It’s been very rewarding to teach this class.
(I hope they find someone else to teach it next year.)

One Liner
My books all piled on top of me, I’ve only got my shelf to blame.

Thought for the day
“Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge” Psalm 62:8b

If you are going through a loss right now, please understand that if you don’t release your grief, it will pour out eventually. Feelings that are pushed down fester, and eventually they explode in a much worse situation.

1 thought on “Humor – November 1

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