Humor – January 10

Six housewives living in the same apartment building fell into a dispute of such magnitude that it resulted in their being hauled into court. When the case was called, they all made a concerted rush for the bench; and reaching it, all broke into bitter complaints at the same moment. The judge sat momentarily stunned as charges and counter-charges filled the air.

Suddenly he rapped for order. When quiet had been restored, the patient magistrate said gently, “Now, I’ll hear the oldest first.”

That closed the case.

One Liner
Alcohol and calculus don’t mix. Never drink and derive.

Thought for the day
Job says, “What strength do I have left that I can go on hoping? What goal do I have that I would want to prolong my life?” (Job 6:11 GW). You have to have a goal to keep you going.

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