Humor – June 3


  1. “Did anyone think about bringing a couple of umbrellas?”
  2. “Hey, there are more that two flies in here!”
  3. “I finally get a bass boat and now I have to take the whole family…”
  4. “Wasn’t someone supposed to put two shovels on board?”
  5. “Help! I need some Pepto for the elephants–QUICK!”
  6. “OK, who’s the wise-guy who brought the mosquitoes on board?”
  7. “Don’t make me pull this Ark over and come back there!”
  8. “No, Ham, you cannot eat the pig!”
  9. “And whatever you do, DO NOT pull this plug out.”
  10. “Nice doggie!”
  11. “Are we there yet?”

“No comment” is a comment.

Thought for the day
Psalm 62:11-12
“two things have I heard: 
that you, O God, are strong, and that you, O Lord, are loving.

God is strong and loving – depend on Him when in your time of need and in your times of praise!   

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