Humor – June 18


~ “I’ll be Sewing You”

~ “Red Cells in the Sunset”

~ “It’s Spleen a Long, Long Time”

~ “It Had to Be Flu”

~ “On the Bonny Banks of Glaucoma”

~ “Gonna Take a Sentimental Gurney”

~ “The Staphs and Streps Forever”

~ “Old Man’s Liver”

~ “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Brace”

~ “The Girl From Emphysema”

~ “MRI Blue?”

~ “My Melancolicky Baby”

~ “From Here to Maternity”

Born with nothing and still have most of it – Lou Holtz

Thought for the day
“If God gives us wealth and property and lets us enjoy them, we should be grateful and enjoy what we have worked for. It is a gift from God” Ecclesiastes 5:19

That’s the kind of God we serve. He gave us the world for our enjoyment! But here’s the problem: We’re so busy getting more that we don’t enjoy what we’ve got.

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