Humor – July 24


~ American Express calls and says: “Leave home without it!”
~ Your idea of a 4-course meal is taking a deep breath outside a restaurant.
~ You’re formulating a plan to rob the food bank.
~ You’ve rolled so many pennies, you’ve formed a psychic bond with Abe Lincoln.
~ You look at your roommate and see a large fried chicken in tennis shoes.
~ Your rob Peter…and then rob Paul.
~ You finally clean your house, hoping to find change.
~ You think of a lottery ticket as an investment.
~ You give blood everyday…just for the orange juice.
~ McDonalds supplies you with all your kitchen condiments.
~ At communion you go back for seconds.

Thought for the day
The number one cause of computer problems is computer solutions.

Thought for the day
Job 32:7, “The longer you live, the wiser you become” (The Message).

That verse is a possibility, not a promise.

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