Humor – October 15

I volunteered recently to perform a parachute jump for charity. On our first day of training, the instructor made an important point about preparing for landing at 300 feet.

“How do you know when you’re at 300 feet?” asked one new jumper.

“A good question,” replied the instructor. “At 300 feet you can recognize the faces of people on the ground.”

The jumper thought about this for a while before saying, “What happens if there’s no one there I know?”

One Liner
All I ask is a chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.

Thought for the day
“A hot-tempered man … gets into all kinds of trouble” Proverbs 29:22 TLB

Most of us have seen someone do something really stupid because that person was angry. The Bible is very specific on the cost of anger. The Bible says:

  • It causes arguments (Proverbs 15:18).
  • It causes mistakes (Proverbs 14:29).
  • It causes foolish things (Proverbs 14:17).

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