Humor – September 30


~ He looks like a million bucks…after taxes

~ She’s discovered the secret of perpetual youth…she lies about her age.

~ She’s been pressing 30 so long, it’s pleated.

~ When it comes to telling her age, she’s shy……..about 10 years shy.

~ She wouldn’t try so hard to conceal her age if her husband would act his.

~ I’ve stopped exercising…pushing 50 is enough exercise for me.

He’s so old….
..he knew the Big Dipper when it was just a drinking cup.
..he knew Baskin Robbins when he only had 2 flavors ..he just got a prospectus from an old-age home marked “Urgent”

One Liner
My wife and I have decided we don’t want any children – if anybody else does we can drop them off tomorrow

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