Humor – January 13

My sister has the courage–but not always the skills–to tackle any home-repair project. 

For example, in her garage are pieces of a lawnmower she once tried to fix. So I wasn’t surprised the day my other sister, Dianne, and I found our sister attacking her vacuum cleaner with a screwdriver.
“I can’t get this thing to cooperate,” she explained when she saw us.
“Why don’t you drag it out to the garage and show it the lawnmower?” Dianne suggested.

 One Liner
“Sometimes I get the feeling the whole world is against me, but deep down I know that’s not true – some smaller countries are neutral.”

Thought for the day
“You come to him as living stones, a spiritual house that is being built into a holy priesthood” 1 Peter 2:5a

God says you are a priest.  You now have direct access to God. You don’t have to pray through anybody else. You don’t have to confess through anybody else. You don’t have to fellowship with God through anybody else. You can read your Bible, talk with the Lord, and fellowship directly with him.


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