Humor – December 13

Years ago when I was teaching, I had a class of second graders who were about evenly divided as to whether there was or was not a Santa Claus. The discussions – or more appropriately debates – in this pre-TV era were extremely serious every recess.

But it all came to an end one day after recess. Young Larry stood up, looked at me with a smile and said in a loud, convincing voice, “Miss Leuze, Santa Claus can’t be your Mom and Dad because they sure can’t go around the whole world in 1 night!”

And a whole class of believers got out their arithmetic books.

One Liner
A snowman was seen at the carrot bin in the produce section of the local grocery.  He was picking his nose.

Thought for the day
“Truth, wisdom, learning, and good sense — these are worth paying for, but too valuable for you to sell” (Proverbs 23:23 GNT).

We like to spend money on comfort, but the Bible teaches that it is wiser to invest in character.

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