Humor – April 18


In order to measure your level of proficiency as a choir member, the following test has been carefully developed by experts. Read and reflect on each situation and then select the option that will enhance the quality of the performance.

  1. You are entering the choir loft on Sunday morning and suddenly trip and fall down. You should
    A. Assume a kneeling position and break into fervent prayer
    B. Pretend that you’ve had a heart attack
    C. Crawl into the nearest chair
    D. Begin speaking in tongues.
  2. You are a soprano and count incorrectly. As a result you boom out a high “C” one measure too soon. You should:
    A. Slide into an inspired “O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing.”
    B. Look triumphant and hold on to the note.
    C. Stop abruptly in mid squawk but keep your lips moving.
    D. Sink to the floor in shame.
  3. After all those long, hard choir rehearsals, you show up twenty minutes late for the Christmas musical. You should:
    A. Climb into the back row of the choir from the baptistry.
    B. Enter pretending to be a sound man checking cables and then suddenly slip yourself into the choir.
    C. Turn the lights out in the church and slip into the choir during the blackout.
    D. Read M. Stephen’s pamphlet “Techniques for Tardy Appearances.”
  4. While singing, you discover you have only one page of a two page hymn. You should:
    A. Hum for your life.
    B. Sing “watermelon, watermelon, watermelon.”
    C. Try to get another hymnal out of the choir rack with your feet.
    D. Sing the first page over again.
  5. Inevitably that dreaded big sneeze occurs toward the end of the choir special. You should:
    A. As you sneeze, come down hard on your neighbor’s foot to create a diversion.
    B. Try to make it harmonize.
    C. Sneeze into the hair of the choir member in front of you to muffle the noise.
    D. Sink to the floor in shame.

Count the number of A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s you checked and find your proficiency rating below:

4 or more A’s…there is nothing more you need to know to be a first-rate choir member.

4 or more B’s…your church choir reflexes are fully developed and you should do well in choir.

4 or more C’s…your church choral experience is spotty but your team spirit is on target. You will be an asset to most any choir.

4 or more D’s…it is recommended you take up soccer or group therapy counseling.

If at first you succeed, break it and start over again.

Thought for the day
John 10:27
“my sheep listen to my voice, I know them, and they follow me”

True disciples hear the Lord’s voice and follow him. They neither complain nor rebel. They obey. Simply put, discipleship is total obedience to Christ.

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