Humor – July 29

A lawyer is walking along the beach and spots a glass bottle in the sand. When he opens it he discovers a genie inside.

Genie: Sir, I will grant you three wishes, but you must understand that whatever you wish for, every other lawyer in the world will get double.

Man: Hmmm. Ok. First I’d like $100 million.

G: No problem, but just understand that each lawyer got $200 million.

M: I understand. For my second wish, I’d like a new Porsche. In red, please.

G: Fine. It is in your garage. And just FYI, every lawyer in the world just got two of the same.

M: That’s ok with me.

G: And for your third wish?

M: Well, I always did want to donate a kidney . . .

One Liner
Want to hear a word I just made up? Plagiarism.

Thought for the day
“There are different spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, and yet the same Lord is served. There are different types of work to do, but the same God produces every gift in every person” (1 Corinthians 12:4-6 GW).

When you know what you’re shaped to be, then you know what you ought to be, and you can start focusing on that and make better use of your life.

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