Humor – April 14

The bank manager noticed the new clerk was not very good at counting money and adding up figures.
“Where did you get your finance education?” he asked.
“Yale,” replied the lad.
“Oh, that’s quite impressive. And what’s your name?” barked the manager.
“Yim Yohnston,” he replied.

One Liner
The minister announced the cost to attend a special social event would be six dollars per person. “However, if you’re over 65,” he said, ” the price will be only $5.50.”
From the back of the congregation, a woman’s voice rang out, “Do you really think I’d give you my age information for only 50 cents?”

Thought for the day
Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride leads to destruction; a proud attitude brings ruin” (NCV). I love this verse in the Message paraphrase: “First pride, then the crash—the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.”

Pride destroys relationships, but humility is the antidote to pride. Humility builds relationships.

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